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first discussion will explore the words of Peter Breggin….

“Nothing has harmed the quality of individual life in modern society more than the misbegotten belief that human suffering is driven by biological and genetic causes and can be rectified by taking drugs or undergoing electroshock therapy. Modern psychiatry has made up the most ugly story possible about human conflict and emotional pain – reducing it to nothing more than bad genes and unbalanced chemical reactions.” Dr Peter Breggin.

Hello world!

Up date – while national and international online and telephone counselling remain ongoing options, face to face counselling is also now available. 

We are all currently going through rather extraordinary and uncertain times. Psychological therapy is normally conducted in environments where the therapist and client are face to face in the same room. However, because we all have to pay special attention not to spread covid 19, for the time being this can no longer safely happen. Nevertheless therapy sessions will continue to happen and can be conducted via the phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom etc…

So if you want to arrange therapy sessions just call or email and we can arrange the best medium to suit you. This turn of events has meant that I now see clients from all over the world. .I believe that at some point you were on the editorial board for the British Journal for Counselling and Guidance. I have written an article that I hope they will publish. However, my attempt to submit the article online has been thwarted because the process requires a repository for research material. The submission process will not let you progress with the process unless evidence of the repository is given. However, my paper is not a research paper, it’s  theoretical, there is no research data, only references. 

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