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How long are sessions?
Although the client can request their own individual preference regarding the length of the session, normally individual and couples therapy sessions last one hour in duration. 

How frequent are the sessions?
At first the sessions are normally weekly, however, as progress is made there can be a time when the frequency of the therapy sessions change according to the need and preference of the client.

How confidential are the sessions?
Confidentiality is highly important and forms a vital aspect of safety for the client. Essentially what is said to the therapist by the client is not repeated to anyone else. However, to make sure the therapist is working safely and competently the therapist is required to meet with their therapeutic supervisor on a regular basis (at least once a month for 1.5 hours). And some of the content of your discussion with your therapist may be further discussed in the therapists supervision session. It is important to realise that the supervision is also confidential and that the primary focus of the supervision is on the work of the therapist and not the content of the client’s conversation. The only time confidentiality could be broken is when serious harm to the client or a third party is likely to happen.     

How much do the sessions cost?
For a 60 minute session (which is the standard period for a therapy session) the cost is £50. Any increase or decrease in the time of the session is calculated upon this standard price. This price is the same for individual and couples counselling.  

Is there an overseeing professional body for standards?
Yes. The organisation in this case is the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). The association operates an Ethical Code of Practise in which is incorporated a complaints procedure. Steven Cox is a Registered Senior Accredited member of the BACP.

How do therapists maintain and enhance their competence?
Within the requirements of membership of the BACP it is a necessity that an accredited member must satisfy a number of stipulations. On going personal and professional development is obligatory and is an auditable requirement. The process of supervision also helps to identify the developmental needs of the therapist. Steven continually seeks to maintain and enhance his abilities through developmental group work with peers, workshops, supervision, encounter groups, seminars, reading and writing within and around the field of counselling/psychotherapy.       

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