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Therapeutic groups

I have been running a variety of therapeutic groups for many years. Group work is particularly rewarding because the group generates a rich and diverse environment that supports, enables and empowers people to develop. Within the group environment people discover a true sense of worth and confidence.

Most therapeutic groups run for a designated period of time and this can vary from between two to twelve months, they normally run on a weekly basis. However, sometimes groups can run in a more open manner allowing people to participate for shorter or longer periods of time according to individual needs. This might sound a little chaotic however the special therapeutic environment allows for a natural ebb and flow.

The groups can be themed so that people can work through particular issues. For example groups may be based around the subject of anxiety & depression or stress in the work place.

Encounter groups tend to not have themes, they support general personal development. Participation is spontaneous in nature, participants engage when they feel moved to do so. These groups tend to be intense and up lifting. Most encounter groups that I run are over a relatively short period of time such a weekend.

In general whether the group is themed or not it will be facilitated with attention placed on individual attendees wellbeing and development. Particular importance is placed on acceptance, empathy, understanding, positive regard, and authenticity and these attitudes and skills will be communicated to form a safe and nourishing environment.


In general workshops tend to follow an educational format. They are normally comprised of various styles of learning such as: presentations, group exercises and experiential participation.

The range of workshops that I offer mostly centre around the subject of counselling and psychotherapy and the list of topics within this overarching subject is extensive. Therefore, I mostly run workshops that either attract individual therapists or I am commissioned by counselling organisations to run workshops for them. However occasionally I have been asked to run workshops for the public and this has included work around: personal boundaries, mental health, men, what is counselling/psychotherapy and communication.

Popular topics within the field of counselling and psychotherapy have been: death, dying and bereavement, boundaries within the practise if counselling, advanced empathy – stepping into the clients shoes, working with groups, working with hard to reach clients, suicide, mental health, perspectives on therapy, relational depth, relational breath, dynamics of relationship, counselling and substance use, working with trauma etc…

The subject matter of many of these workshops has been at the request of the commissioning organisations. So if you are involved within a counselling group and you have a subject preference then just ask and I will be able to construct a workshop that covers your particular subject.

In my workshops people participate, learn, make connections and have at least some fun ~ Steve

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