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Stress & Distress

No matter what form your distress takes, be it: anxiety, bereavement, breakdown, depression, despair, heartache or hopelessness I will attend to you as a complete person and not just your condition.

Counselling – Aims of My Practice

The main aim of my practice is to allow people to be and become themselves, to realise their potential, to enhance their self-acceptance, awareness and to harmonise the relationship between themselves and the world. By engaging in a process where empathy, understanding, valuing and authenticity are experienced at high levels, positive transformation tends to take place. Ordinarily this sort of interactivity is rare in people’s lives, yet when a client and skilled therapist work together with focussed attention, life-changing possibilities emerge.

 By engaging in a process where empathy, understanding, valuing and authenticity are experienced at high levels, positive transformation tends to take place.  – Steve Cox

My Job Is Facilitating

To embark on this form of self-help when there is pain and confusion in life takes courage. My job is to facilitate your ability to function more fully, to listen and communicate as deeply as possible, paying attention to the whole person and thus promote a relationship whereby you can explore and discover your own growth. I work with individuals, couples and groups and with all forms of personal distress.

Counselling Professionals

Counsellors and professionals who engage in emotionally challenging relational work have particular developmental requirements. I offer professional supervision and consultancy to individuals and organisations. Organisations that run services or teach counselling or helping professions have a particular responsibilities in this area. Find out more about the wider applications and development activities by contacting me.

If you have any questions regarding counselling or any other therapeutic or development service, just ask. I am very happy to answer all enquiries, so please call or email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards, Steve

f:023 80268617, e:stevencox5801@gmail.com

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