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Thoughts at the start of a New Year

Given that our worlds have been turned upside down and as a result our experiences encompass anything from: inconvenience and uncertainty to financial hardship, job loss, loneliness and isolation, to loss and bereavement, I felt moved to right something of hope to start the year:

Consciously or unconsciously we always learn from the past.

So as we look back over this past year:

Rejoice in the walks,

In the sweet air that got sweeter,

In natures reclaiming of the lanes alleyways and streets.

The slowing down

So that we too could be at one with ourselves

And the earth.

Let us remember the hope

That people can give and share more

That what we have is precious

And that we can value all that we are

And what we are of.

*Please note that for anyone experiencing bereavement that I have particular experience in this field of work.

Phone: 023 80268617

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